They Are Your Family. You Are There For Them.

And we’re here for you.

There exists a wide range of emotions associated with siblinghood. To the outside world we all simply age. But to siblings, those that have shared each others roof, history, home, parents, family jokes and feuds – the bond breathes outside the boundaries of time. New Hope Community makes a home and a network for these relationships to be fostered and strives for the sibling connection to be forever kindled.

For those siblings who have brothers or sisters with an intellectual or other developmental disability, the experience is all together unique. Only those who share that common bond can truly know the dynamics associated with being a brother or sister to a sibling with a disability. Our interest at New Hope is to provide a forum of friendship, support and common camaraderie for this unique and wonderful relationship to evolve.

As a means to foster this important and invaluable familial connection, New Hope routinely holds Sibling meetings, provides links to workshops and caters to annual picnics. These various forums act as great sounding boards for the development of alliances and resources …. As siblings resemble one another just enough to make all differences confusing, and no matter what one chooses to make of this, are cast in a relationship their whole life long.