Staff Development & Training

In order to enhance the lives of the people we support it is vital that the employees of the organization are well-educated and developed. To that end, the objective of the NHC Staff Training and Development Department is to equip all staff with the tools they will need in order to make our mission statement come to life. We continue to strive for latest technology and best-practices but above all we incorporate person-centered approaches to all activities performed in the daily functions of this department.

Agency Orientation

Eighty hours of classroom, interactive, in-home and highly experiential training and education is how all new New Hope Community staff members enter their employment.  Faculty from throughout the agency and people supported by New Hope teach the regulated training classes and stress the New Hope Community Mission statement throughout the 2 week process.  The In-Home Orientation process continues when Direct Support Professionals leave the classroom portion of their training and enter into the dynamic and more hands-on world of supporting the people who live in the homes.

All Staff Training Day

For well over 20 years All Staff Training Day has become a tradition at New Hope Community. The day is devoted to our six hundred plus staff and features world renown keynote speakers, informative workshops, a great lunch, prizes, give-aways and most importantly….networking. Education and development are cultural norms and values at New Hope. This day showcases our commitment to our staff and also is a great opportunity to get morale boosted and information shared “en masse”…..Staff look forward to this day each year and will continue to see the day as a day to reflect, learn, relax and mainly refresh their commitment to the people we support through their own education, training and self-development. One of the highlights of All Staff Training Day is the New Hope University (NHU) Graduation Ceremony. Peers see each other celebrate their accomplishments and get a diploma and stipend for the hard work of completing their respective NHU tracks.

Direct Support Professional DSP Recognition Month

For the last several years the Federal Government and State Governments have made the second week in September National DSP Recognition Week. New Hope Community has been at the forefront of this recognition. We have not only adopted Federal and State resolutions each year which are created in Legislative sessions throughout the country, we send delegations of Direct Support Professionals to Washington DC to attend national DSP conferences and to ultimately meet with the very same legislators who create these honorable annual DSP recognition resolutions. We will always treat our Direct Support Professionals as just that; Professional. The frontline of change and support of people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities is created by the educated and recognized Direct Support Professionals.

Future Leadership

One of the hallmarks of a growing organization is the presence of strong leadership. From the beginning of a staff members employment in Orientation and onward through their career they are observed and assessed by current leadership personnel. As they show promise for being leaders, they are approached to participate in our 2 day Future Leadership Course. To advance position at the agency staff must participate in this immersion into the philosophical and practical theories behind leadership and management.  Top level executives and directors of the organization spend significant time in the course and teach, instruct and listen to the budding leaders of New Hope.  Each cohort is involved in an intensive group project and all participants are assessed to determine viability for promotion into leadership roles.

New Hope University (NHU)

In an effort to offer our staff professional growth and development opportunities without necessarily needing to attend college or university we have crafted our own intensive program with two learning tracks. Participants in each track learn advanced best practices and theories associated with Supporting Health and Wellness and Positive Behavioral Supports.  The classes are taught by New Hope Community faculty that have extensive experience and expertise in the subject areas. Each year at our All Staff Training Event there is a graduation ceremony for all who complete the requirements. Graduates receive a stipend and expand their work portfolio. The tracks are modeled after the NADSP (National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals) National Credentialing Program. Graduates are encouraged to apply for the National Credential following their experience with New Hope University.