Familiar faces, willing to listen, always on hand

It starts with advocacy. New Hope Community’s Medicaid Service Coordination promotes exactly that: person-centered planning, informed decision making and self-advocacy. Individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities need support to navigate the system in order to access services to which they are entitled. Our team of Service Coordinators is in the business of understanding and interpreting these confusing paths toward services. We are: That familiar face, someone who will listen, a reference with a sound solution. We are a second and stronger voice; we provide guidance; we are an effective and efficient contact to and within the community.

New Hope is your stepping stone to a bright future

New Hope Community’s Medicaid Service Coordinators not only provide Medicaid Service Coordination for the person, but we are a resource for the families, as well. Our strengths are the diverse talents the Medicaid Service Coordinators bring to the table, the ability to utilize the resources that make up New Hope and perseverance to see positive outcomes realized. Individuals need detailed plans so that all members of their circle of support are aware of what is important to the person.

New Hope Community serves as a stepping stone to a bigger, more fulfilling future. Service Coordination is the catalyst and the link to services and people that will improve the quality of life of those who have entrusted their lives to us.

For more information please contact Iesha Ross, Coordinator of Individualized Supports at 845-434-8300 extension 281 or via email to iross@newhopecommunity.org