Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a new, more comprehensive service which, over time, will replace the Medicaid Service Coordination service.

A Care Coordination Organization will  be  a  specialized Health  Home  for  individuals  with  intellectual  and  developmental disabilities. NYS Health Homes assist individuals on Medicaid by providing personalized care management  services so people  can more  efficiently  and effectively  access healthcare, social services, and community  and natural supports.   OPWDD has said that  current  MSC services will transition to health home care management services under CCOs on July 1, 2018.  To offer that service, New Hope Community, Inc., has come together with other agencies in the formation of a Care Coordination/ Health Home Organization.  The services that you know and rely on are not changing. Whether you or your family member live in a residence (or apartment), attend a day program, receive a community habilitation service, respite service, work support or any related service, it will not be effected in any way by this change.

New Hope Community has partnered with LIFEPlan and Hudson Valley Service Providers (HVSP). LIFEPlan CCO NY is a provider-led Care Coordination Organization that has partnered with 68 local, non-profit organizations with a long history of providing supports and services to people with developmental disabilities in your community. LIFEPlan partnered with existing Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) providers to maintain continuity of care for individuals and families. Hudson Valley Service Providers is a group of 22 Mid-Hudson region agencies, who provide services to people with developmental disabilities. While we are separate and distinct organizations, we share a commitment to quality services, the right for people with disabilities to have choices in their lives, and the need for Mid-Hudson agencies to effectively collaborate wherever, and whenever possible.

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Learn more about important changes to Medicaid Service Coordination

For additional information, please contact Karen Russell, VP Clinical & Regulatory Operations at 845-434-8300, ext. 215

New Hope is your stepping stone to a bright future

New Hope Community’s Medicaid Service Coordinators not only provide Medicaid Service Coordination for the person, but we are a resource for the families, as well. Our strengths are the diverse talents the Medicaid Service Coordinators bring to the table, the ability to utilize the resources that make up New Hope and perseverance to see positive outcomes realized. Individuals need detailed plans so that all members of their circle of support are aware of what is important to the person.

New Hope Community serves as a stepping stone to a bigger, more fulfilling future. Service Coordination is the catalyst and the link to services and people that will improve the quality of life of those who have entrusted their lives to us.

For more information please contact Iesha Ross, Coordinator of Individualized Supports at 845-434-8300 extension 281 or via email to